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Take these steps to evaluate your idea before setting up a business

Before you plunge into the personal and professional transformation of launching a small business, take the time to research and analyze your idea as objectively as possible, and determine if the business model itself is as unshakable as your enthusiasm.

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Below are a few suggestions for getting started:

Identify a Target Market

The first step in validating your business model is determining who the target market is for purchasing your product or service. You won’t be able to accurately quantify your model’s potential until you have a clear understanding of your audience, their size, and their spending habits, among many other variables. As such, you should construct a profile of your ideal…

See which titles you need to watch to learn more about the business world

If you want to succeed in the world of business, there are thankfully many pathways towards that goal. Some people will find that burying their head and focusing on technical skills is a great way to succeed, while others will see that social skills do come in handy. The films on this list explore the challenges and triumphs of trying to make it in the field, the problems in a variety of business industries, as well as the full range of successful approaches that individuals have taken. Learning about business does not have to be dull. …

Great Opportunities to Make Money and Still Have Time

If you’re like most people thinking of starting a part-time business, it’s not about becoming rich; it’s about making some money while being able to do other things.

Maybe you want to spend more time with your children. Or winter in the warm Arizona desert. Or maybe you have a job you want to keep, but some extra money would be nice.

The right part-time business can make all these things possible. The following lists explore seasonal and year-round part-time business opportunities.

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The 9 Best Seasonal Part-Time Businesses

Seasonal businesses will keep you busy during a good chunk of the year but give you a whole…

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t require an MBA

Some people seem to be born with the entrepreneurial spirit — that drive to start something new, solve the problems they see in the world, and strike out on their own.

Others work really hard at developing that mindset and keeping it strong.
Whether you’re hoping to start your own business in the near future or years down the road, sharpening your entrepreneurial mindset can have an enormous impact on your life. It’ll help you keep learning, growing, and stretching yourself to your greatest potential. (And that’s always a positive, no matter where your life takes you.)

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Here are those 5 ways you can work on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset:

1. Prioritize Learning And Growth:

It’s all too…

The entrepreneurial skills you develop in your child today might be the key to them having a great career or starting a game-changing business

There are kids that grow up ready to take on the world. They have the attitude, the skills and can spot opportunities that are right for them. They are excited about life, are prepared, and know they will handle whatever life throws their way.

More than ever, successful kids are exposed to ideas normally associated with entrepreneurship. To be a successful entrepreneur requires creativity, empathy, communication skills, problem-solving ability, practical mathematics, and a knack for spotting something at the right moment and having the confidence to act.

Raising a child with an awareness of entrepreneurship and the associated skills can…

Adopting these three simple views will have a dramatic impact on your future

When you see wealthy people who seem to have complete financial independence, do you say to yourself, “One day, that’ll be me”? Then, do you go back to your job or business and try to work your way up the income ladder so that “one day” will actually come?

But when it doesn’t come as soon as you’d like, do you start to wonder why your climb to financial freedom and true wealth seems an infinite distance you can never achieve?

Do you wonder whether the lifestyle of the wealthy is only for those whose stars have aligned — an…

The first thing a person needs to do when it comes to improving their financial situation is to realize why they are stuck

Money. While no one really likes to focus on money, it is the focus of so many things. We need money to cover basic necessities, we need money to get the care we need, and in many ways, we need money to make our dreams come true, don’t we? Yet so often, we don’t seem to have enough money to go around. But, did you know there could be a very good reason why you don’t have any money? Did you realize that there could be one thing and one thing only to blame for not having any money?

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Here are those 8 reasons why you don’t have money:

1. Living With Mommy:


A person’s ability to influence is one of the most essential skills for leaders at any level

Many of us assume that an individual’s capacity to influence is due to their confidence, intellect, and charisma. Perhaps it comes later in life in conjunction with a powerful title or burgeoning bank account. The reality is we all have this ability. However, most of us fail to tap into this attribute, believing that persuasion is a natural talent.

The aptitude to influence doesn’t just happen. It is a purposefully honed skill involving careful intention, and the people we revere are leading us using the same formula that has worked for centuries.

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Here are those 7 key steps to becoming a master of persuasion:

1. Build Trust And Be Consistent:

One crucial mistake people often make is thinking…

You will need a variety of personal attributes to conquer this environment and emerge as a winner

Other than operating a business directly in a warzone, these are some of the most challenging times to be an entrepreneur. The pandemic has brought a range of obstacles to the frontline of the entrepreneurial spirit and is pushing all of the boundaries of business owners. Coronavirus (Covid-19), protests, destructive riots causing damage to storms, floods, and many other events that have occurred in a short block of time sending shockwaves globally.

On the other hand, there is another side of the entrepreneurial story happening. Some businesses are doing better now than before the pandemic. There are also new companies…

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